ActiveCat Customer Reviews

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 "I love my post. My cats use it every day and the blue color is amazing!"

-Kathy G, Ohio

"Thank you for the amazing customer service! My new kitten has taken to her tree and we're all happy."

-Gina T., Texas

"I bought the Sitka for my cats but EVERYONE comments on how beautiful it is. It truly is a gorgeous piece of furniture."

-Shelly M., Pennsylvania

"I have to say that the shaped wood really works. My cat knew just what to do."

-Richard M., Virginia

"Luxury doesn't say it by half. The carpet is not just nicer than anything on regular cat towers but it's nicer than the carpet in most homes!"

Emily R., California

 "I'm so impressed by your commitment to being green, right down to the 'cruelty-free feathers' used in the toys. Wow!"

Cara J., Oregon



"Thank you for making the custom alterations on my post. It's just perfect for Chloe. We both love it!"

Jennifer L., Colorado


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