ActiveCat Frequently Asked Questions

 Solid Intergrooved Wood cat scratching posts

Q:  What is Intergrooved Wood?

A:  Intergrooves are wedge-shaped divots in soft wood that follow the contour of a cat’s nail. The reason a cat scratches is to shed the outer layer of the nail. Intergrooves aid in this process naturally by providing perfect and gentle resistance to the claw as it is pulled along the surface of the wood.

Solid Intergrooved Wod cat scratcher

Q:  Why is wood a good choice for my cat?

A:  Wood is a safe and natural scratching surface for cats. All of our posts are made from Intergrooved softwoods that allow the claw to dig in gently. Not only dies it provide safe and healthy resistance to the claw but it also absorbs your cat's scent from glands located on the bottom of their paws, which helps to encourage repeated scratching.

Fully assembled no assembly required cat scratching posts

Q:  Are the scratching posts shipped already assembled?

A:  Most products are shipped completely assembled.  The larger posts are shipped mostly assembled, requiring only a 2-step setup, with no tools required. This process allows us to provide the most durable products with reduced set-up and shipping costs. Each product page will detail what assembly, if any, is required.

Q:  What materials are used in the Eco-Friendly products?

A:  ActiveCat has always strived to provide the most natural and healthy scratching surfaces for you and your feline family.  Our scratching posts are all eco-friendly, constructed with FSC-certified wood and woods from sustainable and responsible harvesting. We never use MDF or particleboard, and our platforms use soy based adhesives that do not contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde found in other brands. Our carpets are made from recycled materials and natural fibers, with no toxic chemicals  If you would like more information on our eco-friendly materials, please visit our Eco-friendly materials page or email us.

Cat scratching posts made in the USA made in America

Q:  Are ActiveCat products made in the USA?

A:  Yes. Since Intergrooved Wood was first developed in Seattle in 1998, we have manufactured 100% of all of our scratching posts in the USA. You can be assured that we select raw materials with the health, safety and satisfaction of you and your feline family as our top priority. As part of that commitment, we strive to build long-lasting products with environmentally responsible materials. Our latest product lines take that commitment to a new level, offering the best of eco-wise materials in luxury cat scratching posts.

ActiveCat shipping policy

Q: What is the Shipping Policy?

A: ActiveCat scratching posts are shipped with either USPS Ground service or UPS standard ground service. All orders are shipped within 2 business days unless an item is listed as on backorder. Standard shipping with USPS or UPS generally takes up to 5 days in the U.S. Tracking information will be emailed once your item has shipped. As part of our continued commitment to Eco-wise practices, we use minimal packaging.

ActiveCat satisfaction guarantee

Q: What is the return policy?

A: The satisfaction and happiness of you and your feline family is our top priority. If you are not satisfied with your purchase please contact us and we will strive to make sure that your scratching post meets your needs. If you would like to return your post you are welcome to do so within 30 days upon receiving it. Simply return ship it to ActiveCat and we will process a refund of the purchase price less shipping. Shipping costs cannot be refunded. All scratching posts include a satisfaction guarantee and full year warranty.

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Absolutely! To place an order, please contact us directly and we will quote shipping to your location. Free Shipping offers are not valid for shipping outside of the U.S.A. but we do our best to provide the best possible options for international shipping.