About ActiveCat

ActiveCat Cat Towers and Scratching Posts

Celebrating 20 years of making the healthiest and most innovative cat furniture!


Larry and Mo, the original "active cats" won't scratch any posts on the market, just furniture. Eureka! Cats like wood. A little research reveals that cats scratch in order to remove the outer layer of their nails. Another eureka! Soft wood, if it was patterned could provide resistance to the claw and aid in that process. Two happy cats give birth to ActiveCat and Intergrooved Wood.


ActiveCat products begin shipping to PetsMart stores around the country. Cats everywhere start enjoying the benefits of Intergrooved Wood.


The first international order is shipped to a pet store in England. ActiveCat goes global!


ActiveCat goes Green. All of our products receive an eco-friendly overhaul, making sure that everything from the wood to the glue to the minimal packaging made our products healthy and cat furniture that you could feel good about.


ActiveCat premieres the Designer Line. Our posts are already made with the highest quality materials you'll find on cat furniture at a similar price, but we wanted to take that to the next level by offering designer and luxury carpet that make these posts works of art, useful art.


ActiveCat still holds to its commitment of building the highest quality scratching posts that provide a healthy and satisfying scratching surface for cats. We still make Intergrooved wood in the same way it was made for Larry and Mo, by hand. All of our products are eco-friendly, and still made 100% in the US.